Economical use of hot water


Did you know that nearly 25% of the electricity energy bills go to water heating?


We therefore recommend:

  • Set the thermostat of water heater on the temperature of 55-60 °C, as this is the optimum temperature in terms of energy savings and scale formation. In this way, the average household can save 5-10% of the electricity normally used for heating water in the water heater.
  • If you often use hot water, more rational is that you constantly have water heater turned on and at the optimum temperature because in this way the water is gradually warming-up, according to the need.
  • It is always useful to be aware of the period of cheaper electricity.
  • It is necessary to regularly remove scale as its deposits increase energy consumption.
  • Average person consumes considerably less water taking shower than if taking a bath.
  • Do not allow water to leak, fix and fasten well the warm water tap.

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